CFA + CPR/AED Course

CFA + CPR/AED Course

Child First Aid for Infant/Child Care Course





Total: 20 hr
E Learning: 7 hr
Classroom: 13 hr


SkillsFuture Credit eligible

Singapore Resuscitation And First Aid Council

Early Childhood And Development Agency

Child First Aid Provider Course allows participants to learn first aid emergencies skills and knowledge that caters to children emergencies. Participants will go through intense training in order for them to pick up a systematic approach when encountering the emergency situation confidently, Handling the child physical and mental well-being in the most appropriate manner. It also cover the child safety topics to help caregivers identify hazards and prevent accidents. Group discussion of case study will be done to enhance the participants learning experience. Participants will be awarded with certificate accredited by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council, valid for 2 years upon successful completion of the required assessment.

This course is accredited by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council

and approved Early Childhood and Development Agency