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SFA + CPR/AED Course

SFA + CPR/AED Course

Standard First Aid with CPR/AED Course





Total: 16 hr
E Learning: 8 hr
Classroom: 8 hr

Singapore Resuscitation And First Aid Council (SRFAC)

National Registry of Coaches (NROC)


Skillsfuture funding available for Singaporean and Permanent Residents age 21 and above. Prevailing funding of 50% to 70% depending on age and/or company profile.

The Standard First Aid with CPR & AED Course will equips participants with the proper skills when encountering a emergency which require immediate first aid attention. Participants will learn the skills to perform quality CPR & AED on adult casualty. Participants will also learn how to react accordingly in different first aid emergency situation with confidence. Participants who have completed theory and practical modules of the course successfully will be awarded a Certificate, valid for 2 years according to the latest guidelines by Singapore Resuscitation & First Aid Council.

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