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WSQ Care Assistance (Basic Care Attendant)

WSQ Care Assistance Certification Course






Total: 24 hours


SkillsFuture Credit eligible

Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)


About This Course
This Caregiving Training Certification (Basic) course is tailored for family members, domestic helpers and those who intend to become new caregivers. Participants will be proficient in relevant caregiving skills through classroom interactive teaching and practice. It also allows participants to gain fundamental caregiving knowledge and skillsets to provide care and comfort to the care recipient without compromising safety.

What You Will Learn
Upon completion of course, participants will be equipped with relevant caregiving skills such as personal hygiene, movement and transfer, communication, fall prevention to provide the best care, management and support for their care recipient. Caregivers can become a trusted companion and health aide to look after their care recipient’s emotional and medical needs.

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